An Osteopathic Clinic Supporting Heidelberg

Get the care you need to succeed. Health and Balance Osteopathy is a full service osteopathy clinic supporting athletes and health-conscious individuals across Heidelberg and surrounds. We’re dedicated to helping you live the lifestyle you want, supporting you in recovering from injury and in managing disorders, instabilities and pain.

We’re dedicated to helping people from all walks of life across the Heidelberg area, connecting you with experienced osteopaths who can help you strengthen and heal your body. Our clinic wants to make getting the help you need simple, easy and accessible, so we deliver our services at affordable rates, ensuring everyone can get professional assistance. If you’re looking for help living the life you want, speak to us today and learn how we can help you.

Supporting our patients in more ways

Health and Balance delivers a comprehensive range of services designed to address the needs of our diverse clientele. Using only the most experienced osteopaths, we provide diagnosis and treatment for everything from repetitive strain injury to postural strain, sciatica, arthritis, headaches and migraines, pelvic instability and more, helping you get on the road to health. Cutting-edge ultrasound machines allow us to look deeper into the body than ever before, allowing us to better isolate problems and helping you to visualise proper movement of the affected muscle.

The osteopaths at Health & Balance provide care and treatment for a diverse range of people from across the Heidelberg area, from newborns with muscular complaints to older people looking to manage arthritis. With a special focus on women’s health and the treatment of pregnant women, our osteopaths help you better manage the changes your body goes through during this exciting, yet physically demanding period. Both Dr Tammy Van Bergen and Dr Lizzy Kupcis can assist women looking to manage pelvic instability, using a combination of rehabilitative exercise, manual therapy, and real-time ultrasound.

We’re supportive of sportspeople in Heidelberg to Fairfield, offering the services of a skilled team with extensive experience in the treatment and management of sports injuries. Rowers can work with Dr Lizzy Kupcis, a two-time Olympic coxswain to help them manage and overcome injury and optimise their performance. Other athletes including runners, golfers, weightlifters, tennis-players and more are encouraged to seek an appointment with Dr Clare Ralph. Dr Ralph has experience in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of sporting injuries to ligaments, muscles, hamstrings, tendons, joints and more.

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Call us today on 03 9999 8075 or send us your questions via email at and get the answers you need to enjoy the lifestyle you want. Appointments are also available through our convenient online booking form.