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Make the right choice for your health and wellbeing. If you’re looking for support from an experienced medical team in the Northcote area, Health and Balance is for you. Whether you’re looking to work through injury, manage chronic pain or perform better on the field, we want to be your preferred osteopath. Enjoy the lifestyle you want with our professional help.

We understand that it can be difficult to find experienced, qualified osteopathic care that fits within your budget, and we want to help. Health and Balance wants to make getting necessary support accessible to everyone, delivering the tailored, patient-centred care you need at an affordable price. When you’re looking to return to a beloved sport the smart way or just want to live a more active life, we’re there for you. Speak to our staff to learn how we can customise a treatment plan to better suit your needs.

The care you need

Health and Balance offers our patients a comprehensive range of services designed to more fully address a broader range of problems. Our osteopaths were chosen for their qualifications and their experience, each bringing years of experience to each consultation. Whether you’re suffering from arthritis, muscular pain, postural strain, headaches and migraines, repetitive strain injuries or any other musculoskeletal complaint, we can help you. Using the latest real time ultrasound technology, we can look deeper than ever into the body, pinpointing the source of the complaint and providing crucial information about the retraining and recovery process.

Health & Balance prides itself on providing tailored support that more precisely meets the needs of every patient. From managing arthritis in older patients to providing treatment for muscular complaints in newborns, we deliver a complete range of services. With extensive experience in women’s health and the treatment of pregnant women, Dr Tammy Van Bergen and Dr Lizzy Kupcis help women across Northcote lead the lifestyle they want. Both  Tammy and Lizzy can help manage pelvic instability throughout pregnancy through a combination of rehabilitative exercise, manual therapy and real-time ultrasound.

If you’re an athlete in the Northcote or Fairfield area, we want to help you. Rowers can ensure their bodies are functioning optimally and they are giving themselves the best chance of recovery after an injury with help from Dr Lizzy Kupcis, a two-time Olympic coxswain. Whether you’re a golfer, a runner, a weightlifter or a basketballer, Dr Clare Ralph can provide the advice and treatment you need to protect your health.  Whether you’re suffering from ankle pain, muscle tears, ligament injuries, shoulder impingement or tennis elbow, we can support you.

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