About Health and Balance Osteopathy


Structure of fees
Initial Osteopathic Consultation $100
Subsequent Osteopathic Consultation $90
Concession Initial Consultation $85
Concession Subsequent Consultation $75

Online Video Consultation $35-$95


Appointments available

Online bookings available here


Health and Balance Connect – Online Video Consultations

By connecting to us through online video or phone consultations you can still communicate and work with your regular health care practitioner providing you with continuity of care and ongoing guidance and support to help you manage your condition. All you need is a phone or computer and internet connection. To learn more about which type of consultation is appropriate for you see our Health and Balance Connect page. 



Health Insurance
Osteopathy can be claimed on most Health Insurance Funds
We all have busy lives so to make it more convenient for our clients we offer on the spot claiming with the HICAPS system. Please bring your health insurance card to make use of this facility.


Some clients may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for Osteopathic treatment through the EPC (Chronic Disease Management Service). To make a claim clients must have a chronic or terminal medical condition of more than 6 months and need a referral from their GP. The Doctor is required to write a GP management plan and a Team Care Arrangements document. Please bring along any relevant documentation to make a claim.


TAC, Workcover, DVA
Please bring all relevant paper work and documentation including case number and phone number of case supervisor.



What to expect at your first consultation

Please arrive 10 mins early to our clinic in Eaglemont for your first consultation to allow time to fill out a new client detail form. Your osteopath will take a comprehensive medical history and ask questions related to your presenting complaint. Please bring any relevant scans, reports or tests.


Before treatment commences your osteopath will do a thorough physical exam including any necessary orthopaedic, neurological or physical examination tests to compile a diagnosis. This will then be discussed with you to determine the best way to approach the management of your condition.


Using techniques to address any strains found in the muscles, joints, tendons or any soft tissues of the body the osteopath will explain what each technique is aiming to achieve. If necessary you may be given stretching or strengthening exercises to do at home. It is important to do these to maximise the results of your treatment. Should you have any discomfort when you do these exercises please contact your osteopath to ensure you are performing them correctly.


Please feel free to ask questions at any stage in the consultation. Should you leave Health and Balance and a question comes to mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your health is important to us, your understanding of how to manage your condition is essential for that.



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