What is Health and Balance Connect

Through Health and Balance Connect we can maintain the same level of service, support and advice you have come to trust.

By connecting to us through online video or phone consultations you can still communicate and work with your regular health care practitioner providing you with continuity of care and ongoing guidance and support to help you manage your condition. All you need is a phone or computer and internet connection.




What to expect from your video or phone consultation


Your osteopath will take a comprehensive case history and ask questions related to your presenting complaint. We can assess any relevant scans, reports or tests that you may have. Through video consult we can assess a range of aspects of your physical condition to help complete the clinical picture.


Piecing together the information from listening to your story and video assessment, we can identify the source of your discomfort. We will take the time to explain this to you so you completely understand the issue and the correct direction to take for appropriate management and healing.

Treatment Plan

We will formulate a plan with step by step actions you can take to work towards your goals. We can teach you muscle trigger point and self muscle release work to alleviate your discomfort, appropriate stretches and strengthening exercises. We will give you all the tools you need to manage your condition and feel better.


Our aim is to empower you to be in control of your health. We can provide ideas, advice and guidance on how to prevent your presenting condition from recurring in the future.

$3520 MINS
  • 20 min consult
  • Review of case history and progress
  • Review of existing management plan
  • Modification of existing exercises if needed
  • Basic postural and movement guidance
  • Simple advice and tips to manage condition
$4530 MINS
  • 30 min consult
  • Comprehensive case history taken
  • Assess range of motion and movement
  • Comprehensive management plan created
  • Instruct on muscle and joint release
  • Individualised exercise program with videos
  • Email follow up available for one fortnight
$7545 MINS
  • 45 min consult
  • Comprehensive case history taken
  • Assess range of motion and movement
  • Assess current workstation setup
  • Comprehensive ergonomic plan created
  • Instruct on muscle and joint release
  • Individualised exercise program with videos
  • Extra 30 min video consult within one month
  • Email follow up for one month




How does Health and Balance Connect work?

– A step by step guide –

Select a Service

Choose from 3 consultation Types - 20 min Basic consult - 30 min Injury management consult - 45 minute Working from home Support consult

Book a appointment time

Make a booking though our online booking system. Select a time with your chosen practitioner that suits you best. You will receive a booking confirmation email with more details.

Invitation to join the consult

You will be sent an email at the time of your consult. All you need is internet connection and either a computer with webcam or smart phone. The best browser is Chrome but others are supported. No software or app downloads required.

Connect to your Osteopath

In the email you receive simply click 'enter call'. When prompted agree to allow access to your microphone and camera. Enter your name and join as a 'guest'. You will be connected via video to your Osteopath.

Make payment to commence

You will be sent a payment request to complete prior to the consultation commencing. Payments are processed through STRIPE with a credit card. This is instantly received and you will be reconnected to commence the consultation. You will be sent a receipt for the payment via email and a finalised invoice for the consultation. Health insurance claiming will be dependant on the fund and cover you have. Contact your health fund to find out.

The Consultation

We will take a thorough case history, discuss your concerns and goals. We can advise you on a multitude of self management strategies you can implement easily and straight away. We have the capacity to review and interpret scan and test results. Our video capabilities allow us to share images on screen with you that will assist us to explain your condition or demonstrate what you can do about it.

Treatment strategies

There are many things we can guide you through from safe and effective pain management strategies to self muscle trigger point or myofascial release and joint mobility techniques. We will provide you with appropriate stretches, postural advice or ergonomic setup. Together we can formulate a plan to set yourself up to manage the pain and work towards recovery and good health.

Follow up support

You will be sent relevant support material such as comprehensive descriptions of exercises, techniques or stretches prescribed complete with easy to follow videos. Ongoing email support and follow up for the 'Injury Management' Consult and 'Working from Home Support' Consult.