What to expect from your Injury Management Video ConsultĀ 


What is included

30 min consult
Full comprehensive medical and injury history taken
Assess range of motion and movement
Identify what likely issue is
Refer if needed ie. for scans
Review and explanation of scans or test results
Formulate and implement management plan
Teach self trigger point and muscle release techniques
Teach joint mobility techniques
Comprehensive exercise plan appropriate for your condition
Access to detailed exercise program complete with videos and descriptions
Focus on tips to prevent ongoing recurrences of issue


Follow up

Email support and guidance from your practitioner for 2 weeks following consultation


Great for

Existing clients who have a new presentation of pain or injury
If you have an injury and don’t know what to do
Acute onset of pain and need advice
For professional guidance on how to self manage your injury
For professional guidance on alleviating ongoing aches and pains

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