Real Time Ultrasound Assessments


The Osteopaths at Health and Balance are specially trained in the use of real time ultrasound machines for the assessment and retraining of the deep supporting muscles of the spine and pelvis. These muscles are often difficult to isolate which is why many people have difficulty correctly contracting them.


Real time assessment

The advantage of an ultrasound assessment is we are able to visualise the contraction of these muscles on a computer screen allowing us to assess how the muscles are functioning in terms of correct activation, quality, timing and endurance of contraction.

We assess the muscles in real time, meaning we can watch how they work during respiration and specific movements giving us a clear idea of how they function in your everyday life.


Retrain effectively with immediate visual feedback

The ability to see these muscles as you exercise helps gain a better understanding as you have the immediate visual feedback from the image generated on the screen. This allows you to match up what you think you feel and what is actually happening beneath the skin at that very moment. This is extremely valuable for the learning process.


What to expect

Please allow 40 mins for your session. Ideally your bladder should be partially full for best image generation. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in.

Ultrasound is a non-invasive, pain free and safe assessment of the core muscles. The Practitioner will place a hand held device on the surface of your abdomen. Using this device we are able to generate an image on the computer screen of the deep muscles. We have the ability to observe the muscle as it contracts enabling us to assess the efficiency of the muscle functioning at rest and during movement.

Following the assessment you will be given an individualised program which will aim to correctly strengthen the deep muscles of the core and ensure they are providing efficient stability and support for the spine and pelvis.

In some cases we recommend follow up assessments to reinforce the new muscle recruitment patterns you have learnt.


Ultrasound assessment and training may help you if

  • have a weak Pelvic floor
  • ongoing back and pelvic pain that is not currently responding to other forms of exercise and therapy
  • incontinence – female and male
  • post natal incontinence
  • post natal abdominal separation
  • pelvic instability
  • rehab post injury or surgery
  • pilates or yoga students who want to refine their technique
  • athletes wanting to maximise their movement efficiency




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