Conditions treated by Osteopathy

Our Osteopaths treat all members of the community, young and old. Some conditions people commonly come to us for help with include:


• Headaches and Migraine
• Neck pain and back pain
• Jaw pain
• Arthritis
• Postural strain
• Rib injuries
• muscular pain from breathing issues

• Hip, knee, ankle & foot injuries
• Sciatica
• Shoulder, elbow & wrist injuries
• Repetitive strain injuries
• Sporting injuries
• Pelvic instability
• Acute and chronic conditions

If you have a problem not mentioned above please feel free to call us to discuss if Osteopathy is appropriate for you.

How do Osteopaths treat?

As manual therapists we are trained to use our hands to assess and treat. Osteopaths at Health and Balance Osteopathy use a broad range of techniques enabling them to tailor the treatment to what will be most effective for your condition.


  • Soft tissue technique
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Joint manipulation
  • Myofascial release
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Bowen therapy
  • Muscles energy technique
  • Joint Articulation
  • Dry needling
  • Biodynamic Osteopathy


Your Osteopath may also identify lifestyle factors that are influencing your condition. To address these and complement your treatment you may be given:

• Ergonomic advice – for example correct desk setup
• Postural advice
• Stretches
• Strengthening exercises
• Nutritional advice
• Referral to another healthcare practitioner


What is an Osteopath?


Qualified with a 5-year university degree, Osteopaths are trained in the diagnosis,
treatment, management and prevention of musculoskeletal pain and injuries.


Osteopaths use a range of hands-on techniques to restore mobility,
relieve discomfort and improve the physical function of the body as a whole.


Osteopathy can be claimed back on most private health insurance funds
as well as being recognized by TAC, DVA, WorkCover and Medicare through the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) scheme.


We look forward to helping you achieve your Health and Balance.