Dr Tammy van Bergen (Osteopath)


Having worked for over 20 years as on Osteopath in the Ivanhoe area, Tammy enjoys helping people of all ages from the youngest member of the family to the eldest. Tammy takes a caring and professional approach to her clients commonly treating postural related complaints, sporting injuries, headaches, jaw and back pain.
Tammy has a particular interest in pre and post-natal Osteopathy care for mums and bubs having undertaken further studies in these areas. Tammy has particular experience in managing pelvic instability and pelvic floor weakness. Tammy has furthered her training by completing a real time ultrasound course to provide ultrasound assessments to assist clients in retraining their deep supporting muscles.


With years of experience using Pilates to complement her Osteopathic treatment, Tammy will be able to educate you on appropriate exercises and stretches to manage your condition as well as preventative measures to ensure your injury does not reoccur.

When Tammy is not working with you to improve your wellbeing she enjoys spending time with her family and young daughters, cycling, hiking, cooking, photography and occasionally sneaking the odd bit of good quality dark chocolate.

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