Dr Lizzy Kupcis (Osteopath)


Lizzy’s keen interest in health and well-being started from a young age and was further explored by completing a degree and Master in Osteopathy at RMIT university, and an Exercise and Sport Science degree at Deakin University.

These skills have combined well with her Osteopathic approach to patient care. She enjoys helping people from all walks of life, and treats complaints arising from occupation, sporting endeavours or unaccustomed activities.

After completing the internationally recognized Polestar Pilates course, her enthusiasm for rehabilitation and injury management has only magnified! With years of experience teaching Pilates, Lizzy also incorporates this knowledge to empower her clients to achieve their health goals through home-based exercise, strength and stretching programs.

Lizzy has completed further training in the use of real time ultrasound which is used for the assessment and retraining of the deep supporting muscles of the spine and pelvis. This training is useful in the management of pelvic floor weakness (post natal, female and male) and pelvic instability.

Outside of Osteopathy and Pilates, Lizzy has been a member of the Australian Rowing Team for many years having competed at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. Her experiences and involvement in elite sport have provided first hand experience with both acute and chronic injury management of athletes. She looks forward to using these experiences to help people reach their health goals.

In her spare time, Lizzy enjoys cuddles with her two little girls and exploring parks around Melbourne with her larger than life Boxer – Flex.

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