Rowing at Health + Balance Osteopathy

Health and Balance Osteopathy provides rowing injury prevention, management and performance optimisation. The program at Health and Balance is overseen by Dr Lizzy Kupcis bringing over 10 years experience as an elite athlete, a two time Olympian and a World Champion rower (coxswain).
Having spent 10 years as Australia’s Number One coxswain Lizzy has had a unique insight into the biomechanics and stresses that recreational and elite rowers are subject to. Combined with extensive studies and qualifications in Bachelor Exercise and Sports Science, Bachelor Applied Science and Masters in Osteopathy. Lizzy has also furthered her rehab knowledge by completing a qualification in Clinical Rehabilitation Pilates.
Services provided
• Assess in-boat technique and biomechanics to aid injury prevention.
• Provide musculoskeletal assessment to identify joint or muscular imbalances that could lead to injuries.
• Postural and biomechanical analysis to identify overload of unstable joints, shortened or tight muscles.
• Stretching, and specific strengthening exercises to optimise performance in the boat and prevent injuries.
• Musculoskeletal manual therapy treatment to manage injuries and ensure muscles and joints are working at their optimum.
• Specific screening programs for both squad and individuals.
Dr Lizzy Kupcis commonly treats rowers for
• Spinal muscle strains
• Spinal joint strains
• Rib pain and stress fractures
• Forearm pain and injuries
• Chest injuries
Lizzy will communicate with your coaching team so you feel supported to get back on the water.
To make an appointment or discuss your specific needs please call Health and Balance on 03 9999 8075 or book online
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