Back pain during pregnancy. Osteopathy may help you.

Pregnancy is one of the most significant times of physical change for a woman’s body. Dramatic physical changes including weight gain, a shift in centre of gravity, increase in hormones, change in ligament laxity and increase fluid retention all of which place extra stress on the joints and muscles of the hips, pelvis and spine.
Although it is common for pregnant women to have back pain, it doesn’t have to be the norm. Osteopathy treatment aims to provide relief by reducing the strain on the joints and muscles thereby allowing precious energy to go into growing a healthy bub and enjoying a comfortable pregnancy.
Health and Balance Osteopathy will support you through your pregnancy by providing gentle and safe treatment. This will help your body to adapt to the demands and physical changes during this time. We will also guide you on appropriate exercises or specific stretching to compliment the treatment we are providing.


  • Through gentle joint mobilisation and muscle tension release we can help reduce the effects of extra strain, weight and pressure on the joints of the spine and lower limb.
  • As the baby grows in size, there is extra pressure placed on the ribcage as it flares out to provide room for the abdominal organs that are pushed up and out of the way. As the changes occur, Osteo treatment can help ensure the ribs continue to function normally, decrease the pressure on the soft tissue surrounding the ribs and upper back and help to support deeper breathing.
  • Osteopaths may also be able to help with lymph and venous (vein) drainage to reduce fluid retention.
    By ensuring the joints and muscles of the pelvis are working well, Osteo treatment may help encourage optimal foetal position to assist in ease of labour



Osteopathy is safe and gentle for both mum and bub. All our Osteopaths have completed further training and study in working with pregnant women so are well experienced. The techniques we use are gentle and comfortable and carefully selected to minimise any risk. We have a specifically designed pregnancy treatment table that allows pregnant women to lie on their tummies and have a well deserved rest.


  • Lower back and buttock pain
  • Sciatica (pain down the leg)
  • Neck pain
  • Mid back and rib pain
  • Headaches
  • Pelvic pain or Pelvic Instability
  • Sacro-iliac joint pain (SIJ pain)
  • Swelling that can cause things like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



We can also assist postnatally and help the body adjust to the change of looking after a little human. This may include upper back, neck and arm pain due to breastfeeding or lack of sleep. Osteopathic treatment post birth can help settle any strains still present from labour or pregnancy, relieve pain and discomfort and help to prevent any long-term issues. We can also help with rehabilitation of your pelvic floor, core muscles and diastasis recti.
For more information on osteopathy or what to expect for your consultation see here

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