Exercise for Elbow Pain

Is watching the tennis reminding you about the sore elbow that is still bothering you? ⁣

As discussed in our last blog you don’t need to play tennis to suffer from “tennis elbow”. ⁣

If you have tennis elbow, one of the most effective ways to help manage it is through strengthening exercises. Here is a simple one you can do at home to start with:⁣

– Start in a seated position with your affected elbow and wrist resting on a table, palm facing down⁣

– Place your opposite hand over the hand on your affected side⁣

– Try to push the hand on your affected side up towards the ceiling, while resisting the movement with your opposite hand (so the muscles in your forearm contract but no movement occurs at your wrist or elbow)⁣

– Hold for 10 seconds⁣
This exercise should not cause any pain so if you do experience pain in your elbow while doing this exercise, please stop.⁣

Elbow pain can be debilitating and can come from various causes. If you are suffering from elbow pain and are not sure what’s causing it, make a booking with one of our osteopaths for a complete assessment and we will help to advise you on the types of treatment and management appropriate for your condition.