Osteopathic Care For Ivanhoe

Work with an experienced team to protect your health. Health and Balance Osteopathy provides a comprehensive range of services to people across the Ivanhoe area, helping them overcome injury, manage pain and optimise their performance. Get the support you need to enjoy the activities and sports that you love from Health and Balance.

Our goal is always to help people across the city better meet the challenges of their daily or sporting lives. We strive to make professional osteopathy support accessible to everyone, providing the services of experienced healthcare providers at a price everyone can afford. Whether you’re looking to return to your favourite sport after a bad injury or need help working around a chronic instability or source of pain, we want to be your clinic of choice. Start a conversation with our team today to find out how we can support you.

Promoting your health & wellbeing

At Health and Balance, we’ve developed an extensive range of services to better meet the diverse needs of our patients. Our osteopaths each bring years of experience to the practice, providing diagnosis and treatment for complaints ranging from joint instability to postural strain, arthritis, repetitive strain injury and muscular pain. Using the latest techniques and the most advanced technology – including real time ultrasound machines – we provide a deeper look at your body, helping you better understand the nature of the injury or complaint and the mechanism of the treatment.

At Health & Balance, we’re proud to provide osteopathic support to a range of people across Ivanhoe. From resolving muscular related problems in newborns to managing arthritis in older patients, our osteopaths deliver the support you need. We have extensive experience in women’s health and we understand the physical changes at different stages of life. We have a strong interest in the diagnosis, treatment and management of complaints in pregnant women and the changes that take place postnatally. To better support you during this enriching but challenging period, Dr Tammy Van Bergen and Dr Lizzy Kupcis can help you manage pelvic instability through manual therapy, real-time ultrasound and rehabilitative exercise.

Sportspeople across the Ivanhoe and Heidelberg area are well served by the team at Health and Balance. Rowers are encouraged to work with Dr Lizzy Kupcis and to benefit from here years of experience as an Olympic coxswain. Optimise your performance with detailed biomechanical assessment and learn how to prevent and manage injury for a smoother path to recovery. All other athletes from golfers to tennis players to runners can find support for hamstring, muscle, tendon, joint and ligament injuries in Dr Clare Ralph.

Make an appointment today

To learn more about our osteopathic clinic or to make a booking, speak to the team today on 03 9999 8075 or send us your questions via email at tammy@healthandbalance.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also book online through our website.