Osteopathy during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most significant times of physical change in a woman’s body. These changes happen in a relatively short period of time often resulting in extra stress on the muscles and joints.

The Osteopaths at Health and Balance will support you through your pregnancy providing gentle and safe treatment allowing your body to adapt to the demands and physical changes during this time.

We will guide you on appropriate exercises or specific stretching to compliment the treatment we are providing.

Pregnant women may consult an Osteopath for the following reasons

– ensure their body adjusts well to the physical changes of pregnancy
– reduce the effects of extra strain, weight and pressure on the joints of the spine and lower limb
– relief from lower back pain, middle back pain, upper back pain and neck pain
– relief from sciatica
– reduce effects of swelling that can often result in carpal tunnel syndrome
– manage pelvic instability and pelvic girdle pain
– closer to labour ensuring optimal foetal position to assist in ease of labour

Reducing the physical strain on the body allows precious energy to go into growing a healthy bub and enjoying a comfortable pregnancy.

We work closely with your prenatal health professionals providing a consistent team care arrangement having good relationships with midwifes and obstetricians of Mercy hospital in Heidelberg along with other leading maternity hospitals in Melbourne.